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Have you noticed how the major media has handled the ongoing Fukushima disaster? In the first weeks of the disaster did you notice a patronizing tone on MSNBC?  MSNBC is partly owned by GE, the company that manufactured the troubled reactors in Japan; so it makes sense that the owners of MSNBC would want to minimize the alarm.

The constant refrain was “levels of no concern, safe levels, no harm to human heath, etc.” The outcome was completely unknowable, yet the tone was always “don’t worry”.

Now that we are over a month into the disaster, with the situation looking increasingly dire, major media mostly keeps away from the subject. The badly damaged reactors, 3 or 4 of which have undergone some meltdown, are still sitting on the same fault line. Unless there is a way to move the damaged and deadly spent fuel rods, the possibility for a complete meltdown will exist until the spent fuel is truly cool. What is clear is that the major media don’t want to upset the nuclear power industry.



“If those in charge of our society – politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television – can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves.”

— Howard Zinn

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